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Entrant: Cedar Master Ltd

City: Auckland


About My Business

Cedar Master Ltd is led by its co-founders Edward Ruff and Jessica Sherwood who formed the fast-growing company in 2021 to create outstanding quality maintenance for cedar homes. We Will Take You Through The Home Maintenance Journey. Cedar Master Ltd is underpinned by three key principles: product, performance, and family. Edward has eight years of experience in cedar restoration and Jessica has ten years of experience in administration and customer service. Cedar Master Ltd is pursuing its purpose of looking after the cedarwood in circulation and so far, has maintained cedar homes in three regions in New Zealand and over 10 suburbs in Auckland. The Cedar Master Difference: Cedar Master Ltd offers a premium experience of cedar maintenance from a professional wash to a coat of oil or stain to help ensure your cedarwood lasts forever. Not only do we leave your house looking in a better state than it was before, but we also put you on a yearly maintenance plan where you will get updates and reminders to keep your house washed at least once a year to stop the mould and mildew from damaging your cedar. Cedar Master Ltd only uses quality products made to last a lifetime. This includes biodegradable products to help safeguard your gardens and water tanks from pollution. Quality products rely on quality tradespersons, that is why Cedar Master Ltd is proud to say that they pay their staff above the living wage and have a robust employment scheme in the works. As we start to grow our family, we love to support the area that we live in this includes attending the local business associations and networking groups. We love to help and are always looking for ways to support our local community in which we will grow and raise our son.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Cedar Master Ltd deserves to win the People's Choice Award for its unwavering commitment to providing well-maintained homes. As cedar weatherboards are a popular choice for exterior cladding, we take pride in offering our expertise to assist homeowners. Your vote for Cedar Master Ltd would mean the world to us. We treat every home with the utmost care and attention, just as if it were our own mother's home. Our extensive knowledge and meticulous approach guarantee that each property receives the treatment it deserves, ensuring it stands the test of time. By specializing in cedar, a unique and exquisite wood, we are equipped to provide the specialized care it requires. Our mission goes beyond merely maintaining homes; it enables our customers to reside in well-cared-for properties, enhancing their value and contributing to the prosperity of the community. Your support will be a testament to the dedication and passion we pour into our work at Cedar Master Ltd. Together, let's continue to create beautifully maintained homes and foster a thriving neighborhood. Thank you for considering us for the People's Choice Award

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