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Entrant: Spacebar Design

City: Auckland


About My Business

Spacebar Design are designers and makers of sustainable cabinetry and furniture solutions for interior space. We provide sustainable methods to create unique spaces with minimal environmental impact as possible. We do this by creating cabinetry and furniture solutions that minimize waste production and future-proof designs to architects, designers and planners within the architectural/construction industry. We are also expanding our product offerings to general consumers by making sustainable furniture more accessible to anyone who wish to create a beautiful circular interior space while being environmentally conscious. Everyone at Spacebar Design work relentlessly to create interior solutions that prioritize waste reduction through timeless build quality, functionality, and beauty. We aim to create durable, adaptable, and visually appealing products that meet the highest quality standards. Recognizing accidents, changing tastes, and evolving spaces, we emphasize repairability, replacement options, and component repurposing, reducing waste and environmental impact, resulting in a more sustainable and circular approach within the interior industry.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Inline with our commitment to create better and sustainable interior solutions we created UD - A modular furniture system and we want to invite you to join us on our mission to create a more sustainable and circular approach for building interior spaces. After working in the cabinetry industry and seeing the amount of unnecessary and premature disposal of furniture in residential and commercial renovations that is simply disposed of out of convenience. Fast furniture, like fast food and fast fashion, lasts longer in our waste systems than it does in our lives. And being furniture, the size of waste produced is much greater per item. UD. is the slow burning, long lasting furniture system that aims to do the exact opposite. With the ability to repair, replace, and reuse, UD. can last a lifetime with minimal impact on our waste system. At its core, UD. is an over engineered single drawer cabinet with interlocking connectors that becomes the building block for this system. Designed to be used as a single unit or stacked vertically and/or horizontally with its sibling modules, this building block quickly goes from over engineered to clever engineering, with endless possibilities for function and form, allowing it to maintain purpose and stay out of landfills. UD. aims to resolve 3 key reasons for short furniture lifespan ' quality, function, aesthetic. Quality ' UD. modules use Plytech Green birch plywood, a Red List Free product that uses bio based glues. This is a strong and superior material with a desirable plywood edge, pressed with a high pressure laminate to create a durable face and core. With external faces being most prone to damage, these panels can easily be replaced without having to remove the whole unit, making a significant reduction in the amount that is disposed of. The damaged panels also have the potential to be cut down and reused for smaller modules. They can also be sanded back to repair any scratches, dents or stains along the plywood edges. Function ' Renovations can involve a lot of usable furniture being disposed of because they are no longer fit for purpose afterwards. Whether it be companies moving into existing office spaces or home owners upscaling their home, users can repurpose existing UD. modules and rearrange, add, or relocate them as needed. Aesthetic - With trends coming and going, colours being 'in' not long before they go 'out', it is easy to fall in and out of love with furniture designs. UD.'s modest design lets its materials and colours to connect with users and can accommodate past and future trends by simply replacing the face panels with new colours, textures, designs and materials to suit the users' aesthetic. UD. is designed to create with intention, grow with the user, and empower spaces. UD. is User Defined.

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