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Entrant: Phil Robinson Insurance

City: Auckland


About My Business

I am a financial adviser providing expert insurance advice to those looking for personal insurance options. I don't think of myself as a typical insurance adviser. I use my experience and expertise to give personalised advice, rather than push product. There is no cookie-cutter approach in what I do. Everyone's needs are different, and I consider every client as an individual and give custom advice that suits their needs and objectives. I offer my clients: Health Insurance. Trauma & Disability cover. Mortgage/Income protection. Key Person cover. Redundancy options. Life insurance. ACC advice. Simple, plain-language explanations. Affordable, sustainable solutions and tailored advice. My clients are: People starting or adding to their family. First homeowners & property investors. Business owners and self-employed earners. Those wanting to protect their wealth. Anyone wanting peace of mind and protection from uncertainty. I focus on making sure my clients understand how their insurance works, and make sure their policies suit their situation, and I stay connected with them to provide ongoing support and information about their cover. Giving people the security and peace of mind that comes with good insurance is a great part of my job. Helping someone make a successful claim is the best part. I know what a difference it can make when people are going through challenging times, and they have a safety net to catch them.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

What people say about me'. 'Give Phil an inch, and he will take YOU a mile'. Anyone that works with me or interacts with me, gets excellence. I don't pick and choose. Everyone deserves good value. Everyone deserves quality, and reliability. I live and breathe my values. I have built my business, my brand, and my standing in the community on the foundation of 'who I am' and what is important to me as a businessperson and as a friend, a mentor, a coach, and a family man. I'm genuine.. and I demonstrate commitment. I do what I say I will, and then some more. I believe in humility, sharing strength and knowledge and providing support. When it is needed, I will always step up, lend a hand, fill a void, or plug a gap. When I have two hands full with everything I need, I believe the best option is to give back and fill someone else's need. I execute leadership, empowerment and building up those who need it. I have developed myself as natural mentor for fellow small business owners, friends and colleagues. Through my business and the trust and support of my clients and industry colleagues, I have established a platform to deliver excellence in my industry, to provide service without exception and to be available and engaged in my community. Good culture is important to me, my office door is always open. I am proud to be more than just an adviser in my community, and I am proud of the business and reputation that I have built that supports my clients, my team, my friends and my family.

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