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Entrant: Boost Your Learning

City: Nelson


About My Business

We are Boost Your Learning; a one on one bespoke tuition service, born in Nelson in November 2021. We support students in English, Maths and Science from primary to NCEA. We empower great teachers to support and empower our students to find success in their learning. Schools are busy places and teachers are often asked to accommodate and support more students than is possible. There are a huge number of students who report feeling invisible, under-supported or under-challenged in the classroom. This can affect both educational outcomes and student mana. The impact of Covid 19 and rolling teacher strikes coupled with abolishment of National Standards in 2018 has resulted in many parents feeling concerned and uninformed about their child's education. With low pass rates in the Literacy and Numeracy Y10 pilots in 2022 (Writing, 34%, Reading, 64% and Maths 56%) far too many students are not attaining the minimum requirements to be considered literate or numerate at NCEA. We strive to provide clarity, support and a clear action plan for our students. We walk with whānau in the learning journey creating a bridge between home, school and our students. Our team of full qualified and experienced teachers build confidence and accelerate learning enbling our students to flourish in the classroom and beyond. We support students in English, Maths and Science from primary to NCEA. To provide clarity we offer diagnostic assessments in literacy and numeracy that provide a detailed individual learning profile and an accurate NZ curriculum level. We love our mahi and know we are making an impact on student confidence and attainment across Aotearoa. We offer lessons from our offices in Nelson, Richmond, Blenheim and Māpua and online using interactive annotation tools. We love that we are making a difference. We love that we are building confidence and boosting student learning across Aotearoa.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

We are no ordinary tuition service. We are a grassroots service run by teachers who value quality, empathy and integrity. Boost Your Learning was established to offer a solution to families seeking high quality learning support for their child. As a mother to two sons with learning needs, I completely understand the challenges students face in a busy school day and the negative impact 'getting lost' in the system can have on your child's confidence. I love how this vision has grown from a team of two to a team of 25 skilled educators, enabling us to support and extend students in English, Maths and Science across Aotearoa. The most magical thing about working at Boost is the growth in ourselves as an innovative team. We are teachers, but most of all we are learners. We are loving every moment, every challenge that the world of business throws at us. We are relishing every opportunity to build on our strengths to create a service that is making a lasting impact on the educational outcomes and confidence for students in Nelson/ Tasman and beyond.

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