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Entrant: Victoria bahadoor

City: Auckland


About My Business

I am a personal brand photographer and ADHD coach for the ambitious female business owner and my aim is to create show stopping imagery that elevates women in business. I focus heavily on building women's confidence through the art of photography and help them see just how valued, worthy, brilliant they are by giving them empowering images to use as powerful tools in business. As part of my photography business I started a free networking group to create a safe space for women In business to learn, share and grow in business together. This networking group called 'Empower her' grows from strength to strength and with my partner Charlotte we provide monthly workshops or guest speaker events, which allows women to learn various topics in business, from marketing to mindset. Empower Her continues to be a place women in business feel welcome, supported and encouraged. With a background in occupational therapy I use my skills to coach women in business with a diagnosis, or symptoms of adhd to really learn how they can find their strengths to achieve great things in their business, whilst also being supported to manage their adhd.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

As a woman who received a late diagnosis in my late 30s, I know first hand how challenging life can be when navigating daily challenges, as well as battling symptoms when starting and growing a business from scratch. I have been able to grow a photography business whilst working as a paediatric neuro-rehab Occupational therapist back in the UK and again when I emigrated to Auckland NZ in November 21 I now use my Occupational therapy skills to empower other women in business who have either been diagnosed or have symptoms of adhd and I support them to not only find the tools they need to manage their adhd but also find their unique strengths, so they too can become successful in life and business. My business focus is to support, empower and enhance an individuals life through my photography and my coaching. I truly care and others and helping them to shine

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