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Entrant: Q Golf

City: New Plymouth


About My Business

Q Golf is a Kiwi company focused on leading a revolution towards lighter golf - making golf more accessible and fun! Yep _ Q is one adjustable club for all 18 holes. We have sold a million dollars worth of clubs so far, and shipped first in November 2022, less than year ago, and already we are selling in more than 40 countries and 47/50 US states - all designed and owned here in little ole Aotearoa Golf is a 500-year-old game, played by about 100 million, but we think the game needs an update to be faster, more inclusive / accessible, and frankly a lot more fun. It also could be lighter on the planet! At the professional level a revolution is already happening ' a completely new professional tour: Golf originally was much simpler: 1 club, 1 ball and 1 person, but now it is fairly complicated: ... 14 clubs, and a lot of other gear and frankly a lot of expense and bother ... But golf can be much lighter and arguably more fun - that is our mission - make golf more fun

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

Q is out to revolutionise the very old game of golf. It has happened before in sport: Test cricket was the thing! but then along came 1-day cricket, but now the big game in cricket is the shorter and more fun version T20 Golf is a bit old and slow and "traditional" - kinda posh Covid 19 brought many new people into golf and participation is 25% up, but the actual game needs an update Q Golf is out to shake the game up - to make the game lighter, simpler, more accessible and far more popular. A Q golf club is one golf club, 11 lofts in 1 - adjustable from 5 to 64''in 1 second, with no tools, and you can play the entire round of golf with it ... Ideal for faster and more accessible golf for busy people with less time and a passion for the game!

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