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Entrant: Nourish Feeding Therapy

City: Christchurch


About My Business

Nourish Feeding Therapy is Aotearoa's first private Multidisciplinary Feeding Team, providing specialized feeding therapy for children experiencing a range of feeding challenges. We support children with complex feeding challenges such as restricted diets, sensory processing challenges, ARFID, trauma, tube dependency and Paediatric Feeding Disorder. Our approach provides 1-1 in home therapy, group therapy and intensive therapy programs.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

We are so grateful to be changing the lives of children and families living with complex feeding challenges. Feeding challenges can have a debilitating impact on the child's health, wellbeing, social outcomes, family dynamics, and general skills. The children we support are more than 'just fussy' eaters and have a range of complexities contributing to their restricted diets. We are the first private Multidisciplinary feeding team in Aotearoa offering 1-1 in home specialized feeding assessment and intervention. We have sourced a range of funding options to ensure that the majority of families are not paying out of pocket for essential therapy - and we continue to source a range of funding options. Recently we launched the first intensive feeding therapy programs which will support families with complex feeding challenges as well as tube weaning programs. Our therapies and approaches, including the use of home based sessions are researched and evidenced based, following a responsive feeding approach.

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