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Entrant: More than Milk

City: Christchurch


About My Business

Breastfeeding ' it may be natural but it isn't always easy How lactation consultant and mother of three Julia Daly supports other mums on their breastfeeding journey. Breastfeeding ' it's natural but often doesn't come naturally at all. Most women struggle at some point in their journey, and very few mums manage to achieve the recommended six months of exclusive breastfeeding. And with new mums inundated with the public health message 'breast is best', the pressure and feelings of failure are very real. That's a sentiment that was all too familiar for Julia Daly ' a certified lactation consultant, mother of three and paediatric nurse whose business was born out of a desire to help mums on their breastfeeding journey ' with support, the right tools and practical tips unique to their family unit. Julia's business More than Milk ( was born out of a 17-year career working with children and inspired by becoming a mother herself. Passionate about helping other mums enjoy their breastfeeding journey, her first More than Milk offering ' BelleMa breast pumps ' were launched while Julia was still working at the hospital as a lactation consultant. This work gave her crucial insight into what Kiwi mums needed, which led to her creating the 'perfect breast pump'. 'I wanted to provide a pump that helped mums increase their supply, saved them from the hassle of hiring and trialling different pumps and ultimately offered them a pain-free experience,' says Julia. While it sounds like a big ask, many grateful mums can testify to just what a blessing their BelleMa pumps have been. One of our Best selling pumps is the BelleMa Euphoria Plus, which has a built-in battery to make it portable and two motors for easy double-pumping ' mums can essentially halve their expressing time. And if there's one thing new mums need, it's more time! We were also the first company in NZ to launch the latest Wearable Breast Pumps to the market which have been incredibly popular. They fit discreetly in your bra and allow mums to pump anytime and anywhere on the go. Julia's passion for helping mums hasn't stopped with breast pumps ' she also offers in-person and online breastfeeding consultations to provide one-on-one support and tailored plans. Midnight Googling when you're anxious, sleep-deprived and recovering from labour rarely provides the answers you need, which is why Julia's developed this service. 'A big part of it is helping mums feel confident and at ease while navigating the different challenges. Breastfeeding can be much harder than first expected, and every journey is different,' says Julia.

Why We Should Win The Peoples Choice Award

As a solo entrepreneur I think my business has done exceptionally well to turnover nearly $500K a year last year. We have made great in roads with ads and marketing and I feel the business has done incredibly well to be featured on Seven Sharp, The AM Show and also in stuff. We are gaining good market share against other big brands and are becoming the brand of choice for breastfeeding mothers. I would love to be considered for this incredible award.

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