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Congratulations to our 2019 winners.
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The David Awards recognise the unsung heroes in home and small businesses throughout New Zealand. They acknowledge the tenacity, courage and ingenuity that place these business owners firmly at the forefront of entrepreneurship in this country.

In the same way David, an unassuming young man, conquered the giant Goliath using only his shrewdness and a simple slingshot, these entrepreneurial Davids often punch well above their weight. The David Awards acknowledge the "Davids" who contribute so much to this country, their communities, their families and the Kiwi business landscape, and who are seldom recognised for it.  

The David Awards are aimed at the smaller end of the business sector in New Zealand, and are open to businesses with up to 10 full time employees (or equivalent) - though our Solo Meo category is specifically aimed at single-person businesses and there are a variety of other categories tailored to suit a variety of scenarios.

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