• There are a number of categories and a Supreme Award, all decided by Judges, and the People's Choice category which is decided purely on votes.
  • Each entrant may enter up to three separate categories (all on the same form) - plus the People's Choice Award.

  • The winners of each category are all considered for the Supreme Award.

A young or start-up business which has been trading for between one and two years.

The owner will be passionate about their business, and the business itself will be smart, quirky, or just very professionally set up.

A business which has moved beyond the start-up phase and is two or more years old

...which has a proven track record and some or all of the plans/people/systems/processes in place to make a long-term or well-above-average future a reality. This Award seeks to recognise a business planning for and/or coping with the changes required to take a business through expansion and significant growth, or which has achieved a level of security and maturity. This business will be able to demonstrate proven financial success.

This is a business which demonstrates a new or clever way of going about things

...or which is conceptually innovative, or a business which develops and harnesses technology to help it punch above its weight.A new product or service developed by the business owner may be the prime focus of an entry in this category, or something like enhanced mobility or efficiency gained through bespoke software development or the entry may revolve around a new or different use for existing technology. This category also suits and entry which demonstrates the inspired use of readily-available technology at a level above and beyond what most other businesses in their field are doing.

A business which punches above its weight in terms of getting the word out, achieving profile and attracting business.

Typically, this Award recognises a business which knows how to find potential customers using a variety of media effectively and which understands how to communicate with members of its target audience and get them to take the next step towards a purchase.

Are you a socially-conscious business? Do you authentically integrate ‘social good’ into your total business model? Are you a business owner dedicated to maintaining a strong community connection? Most importantly, are you focused on driving profits and productivity for your business while simultaneously advancing the social and/or environmental conditions in the community in which you operate?

The Most Outstanding Social Impact award recognises businesses that are making a real difference. The judges want to see outstanding examples of profitable small businesses successfully delivering social, environmental and/or sustainability benefits. They’re looking for evidence of the positive outcomes you’re creating in the community – whether through groups or individuals – and how that passion and desire to help is woven throughout your entire brand story.

This Award celebrates a solo business owner who runs their business single-handedly.

It recognises all-round business excellence, from concept through to execution.

Entrants in this category must be sole owners of their business, and cannot employ anyone else in a dedicated, ongoing capacity for over 10 hours a week (e.g. virtual assistant, sales rep) but can employ others to undertake specific tasks for the business from time to time (e.g. an accountant, web designer, copywriter or product demonstrators).

Distributor-type relationships are excluded provided they work from independent premises.

This category is based on votes.

All entries in this category submit a publicly-available profile. Businesses entering this Award will be provided with banners and links, and encouraged to persuade customers, staff, colleagues, family, friends and others to vote for them.

This category is intended to be a bit of fun, and to provide a way for businesses to draw attention to themselves, their brand and their product, and to leverage their networks.

The sooner you get your entry in, the sooner you can have the public voting for your business.