Our "Davids"


Our “Davids” are ordinary, everyday, Kiwi small business owners who are not afraid of taking on the Goliaths of the commercial world – despite the overwhelming imbalance in size and resources - and forging success for themselves on their own terms.

Our “Davids” are the local entrepreneurs whose visions seem impossibly big and unattainable but who have taken small step after small step, until the unlikely seems probable and the probable begins to become a reality.

Some of our “Davids” are ordinary business owners who have faced more than their fair share of heartache and who, when mere survival is a triumph against the odds, manage to rebuild their lives, and thrive. Or who have overcome personal tragedies or life-changing health issues to maintain their independence and self-esteem, reinvent themselves, or build not only a viable business, but a future and security for themselves and their families.

Our “Davids” are those whose aspirations, courage, and determination have shaped their businesses and their destinies. Who have seen a niche and had the audacity to invade and occupy it as their own. Who may have risked their homes, their relationships or their reputations to chase their dreams. Who, with an undersized budget and a colossal vision have found ingenious ways to hold their own, and whose passion, integrity and nimbleness have enabled them to out-wit and out-manoeuvre the competition. Who have risen above the doubt – their own, their families’, their friends’, or their advisors’ – and proven their entrepreneurial success.

Our “Davids” are business owners who contribute in many ways to New Zealand’s performance on the world stage and give back to the communities in which they operate.

Above all, our “Davids” are ordinary people who have a great idea, and the sheer grit and determination to turn it into an extraordinary business.



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