Win the kind of publicity you just can't buy! 

Everyone's a winner with The David Awards! We've worked hard with our sponsors and supporters to tailor some exciting prize packages to give your great little business a chance to make a real splash, gain huge credibility and achieve the recognition you deserve. Capitalise on that with the ability to provide your exclusive special offer (if wished) to a large, hand-picked audience based on your target market.

Supreme Award Winner 2024

  • In addition to receiving the 2024 Category Winners' prize, The David Awards 2024 Supreme Award Winner will get the opportunity to feature strongly in Voyager's relevant newsletters - this means you get promoted to a large audience selected specifically to match your target market, with the opportunity to provide a tailored exclusive offer to the selected newsletter recipients.* 
    Thanks to Voyager - keeping you connected.

Category Winners 2024

  • All Category Winners of The David Awards 2024 will receive an exciting marketing opportunity from Voyager! Alongside your business profile and details of the award you have won, you can provide a special offer to Voyager customers, fans and employees through their social media channels: Facebook (with 31k followers) and LinkedIn (with 2k followers).*
    Thanks to Voyager - keeping you connected.

* Voyager will work with you on the offer, copy and creative, how to redeem and timeframes following the announcement of the winners.