We are so thrilled to be named as a finalist in the Most Outstanding Fledgling Business category.  We have experienced massive growth in the 18 months since we launched the company, and sometimes we find that because we are involved 24 / 7 in the business, that we don’t stop to take stock of just how much we have achieved in such a small amount of time. It is exposure, like the David Awards, that will help us with the crucial task of building our brand awareness, and profile, and we are so grateful.

Helen Mander, Heartsaver NZ Ltd

When Waverley Klein Ovink decided to enter the David Awards in 2008, little did she realise that, as a direct result, it would lead to her husband Wilco being a guest presenter at the Australian Dairy Innovation conference in Victoria in February 2009. Potentially this opportunity will open the door to the Australian market for The Wrangler Ltd’s lame cow handling product. It’s a breakthrough that simply would not have happened if Waverley had not made the effort to submit an entry.

The Wrangler, originally published in NZBusiness Magazine

After we received recognition of all our achievements the whole team pulled together like I’ve never seen before. They were all proud, just like myself, and asked if they could take pictures to churches, home, etc., to hang on the wall with the award. A lot of our staff had never received a pat on the back in this way before. We all think of ourselves as nobodies but the awards remind us that we’re all somebody, and we’ve all got our part to play in this world. Entering the awards in itself forces you as a business owner to review things from a very wide variety of angles which can be a very valuable exercise in tough times. Just entering the awards gave us an immediate improvement in our performance for the month after the entry form.

David Rouse, Auckland Auto Clinic

It’s great to look back and see how much we have grown.  As a small business owner it’s very easy to forget to celebrate how far you’ve come because we often think about the future, what’s next and don't take time to stop, pause and reflect. Also entering the awards allowed us to assess all our systems and processes as to how effective and efficient they are, and by spending time “on the business” rather than “in” allowed us to further tighten our systems and foster new ideas that can be used. Oh – and winning the Supreme Award and the trophy was terrific too!!!"

Sachie Nomura, Sachie's Kitchen

Entering the awards allowed us to look at our business from a different angle, celebrate our success and identify areas for improvement. We've come a long way from a suburban garage in Palmerston North... We still both work from home, enjoying the flexible lifestyle rewards; but also the challenges of running what is now a multi-million dollar business with pre-school aged kids sitting underneath the desks and playing in the offices. The Supreme award was a delightful addition [to the Lifestyle and Transitional awards] and we're sure that we will receive incalculable benefits from receiving the award."

Joe Hesmondhalgh, GroutPro

We are thrilled and honoured to have been nominated as a finalist and look forward to receiving our certificate and feedback.  Since entering the David Awards we have made great strides ahead, as if “putting yourself out there” somehow galvanizes action!

Annette Rose, Maskworx

It was an honour to be recognised and a wonderful experience for me and my business. I thought the live podcast was really well done and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I look forward to next years awards!

Jodee Reid, Baby Baby

I was delighted to receive a ‘Highly Commended’ – awesome effort for organising the awards – thank you for giving home businesses the opportunity to shine!

Lori Trigwell, Silverstone Jewellery