2023 Category Winners

2023 Category Winners

Winner Most Outstanding Fledgling Business 2023

Winning the category Most Outstanding Fledgling Business in The David Awards 2023 was like a firecracker for our team. There is nothing more motivating that you are on the right path than this level of external validation from judges who know a good business when they see it. 

We have continued to grow from strength to strength, expanding our markets and developing new digital assets to help future proof the business. I would recommend entering to anyone seeking an honest appraisal of their business. The process was simple and easy to achieve

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Winner of the Most Outstanding Established Business

I decided to nominate bored.george for the David Awards after making it to the finals for the Best Emerging Business at the 2 Degrees Awards in 2022. I believe entering these awards is a fantastic way to acknowledge our accomplishments and reflect on our journey as a company. The process of entering the David Awards was seamless and welcoming. We had the opportunity to meet the judge for our category, which was invaluable as we gained insights from someone with extensive knowledge in the business world. Winning The David Awards 2023 category The Most Outstanding Established Business was an incredible experience for us, and it provides us with compelling content to showcase as a small business.

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Winner of the Most Innovative Business 2023

Winner of The Most Innovative Business category 2023, Twig + Tale has evolved to focus on delivering high quality sewing tutorials and patterns for all - adult and children's garments, play items and embroidery, that guide customers every step of the way, from beginner to advanced sewists. We also foster community, and have a large, supportive FB Chatgroup  where members feel welcome, a sense of belonging, can find help and inspiration. Embracing slow-sewing, T+T honours the tradition of sewing as an act of love and self-care. 

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Winner Most Inspired Use of Marketing 2023

We're the 2023 Winner of The Most Inspired Use of Marketing category. As well as renting out campervans we also love to support people who want to own or build their own little bach-on-wheels. We have a directory of professional converters from across NZ, run a very active Facebook group called Self-Build Campervans New Zealand (with over 20k members), and host virtual workshops on 'how-to' topics like selecting a base vehicle, designing your layout, heating and cooling. Quirky really seems to fit with the Kiwi psyche ' whether it's people creating their own gorgeous piece of wheel-estate or hiring one to explore our beautiful backyard. And we're proving very popular with overseas visitors too!

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Winner of the Most Outstanding Social Impact

Winner of The Most Outstanding Social Impact category, their journey began with a mission for authentic soda. Founder Pete noticed a gap in the market filled with high-sugar imported concentrates. Determined to create something better, he started crafting lemonade, sowing the seeds for Pete's Natural Sodas. But Pete's vision extended beyond just crafting refreshments. He saw the unfortunate waste of perfectly good fruits in NZ due to market constraints. Driven by a desire for positive change, Pete introduced our "FairTrade@Home" initiative. By paying a fair price for this unused fruit, we rescue it from going to waste and create a sustainable cycle of goodness, supporting local growers and reducing food waste. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Celebrating our dedication to quality and sustainability, we proudly showcase awards for our outstanding flavours!! 

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Winner of Solo Meo and Supreme Winner 2023

My business Lifeworks was the Solo Meo and Supreme Winner in The David Awards 2023. I have achieved success through:

1. BEING EXCEPTIONAL AT WHAT I DO ' I've been recognised for my acumen with several awards for facilitation and speaking. 

 2. PROMOTING MY BRAND AND GENERATING RECOGNITION AS A THOUGHT LEADER:' I have consistently high viewership on LinkedIn. I have published nine books on leadership, education, presenting, and motivation

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Winner of the People's Choice Award 2023

Scribbler is different. We don't do "plain black, hiking-shaped, large corporation" stuff. What do we do? Apparel that is techy (so you know it works) but most importantly - well thought through (slow), flattering, beautiful design that makes you feel amazing when you wear it, even when the weather doesn't! We do all our best thinking, design work and business running from our home office in Auckland. We are small in size, but big on creativity, innovation and heart! We are the Winner of The People's Choice Award 2023!

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