About Dave



Kiwi born entrepreneur, angel investor, and the first Supreme Winner of The David Awards.

Dave has owned over a dozen businesses, most ofwhich were passion projects that grew quickly to a profitable exit opportunity. He held several board positions and co-founded the charity “SeaCleaners”. SeaCleaners has removed over 200 shipping containers' worth of plastics from our oceans.

Philanthropic focus saw Dave’s attention move his investment efforts to supporting charity and startups, particularly those that improved environmental outcomes, which is where his current journey with the other co-founders of CarbonClick began.

Dave sees the struggles people have when they aren’t connected to the environment and people around them, and his concern is that the disconnect is becoming stronger as our natural environment is slowly destroyed. The very environment that supports every one of us.

Dave is on a mission to restore these opportunities, through supporting offsetting projects that have strong biodiversity and social outcomes, and sharing these stories with individuals, encouraging them to reconnect. This is why he is so passionate about CarbonClick’s potential in this world.