About Diane



Diane Hurford is the founder of global bed wetting brand Brolly Sheets. As the start up’s sole employee she was responsible for product and website design, inventory management, order fulfillment and customer experience, she has the proven experience of what it means to run a small business.  

The Brolly Sheets journey began for Diane when she designed a solution to make it very quick and easy to change her daughter’s wet bed in the night during toilet training.  Diane’s principles embodied in Brolly Sheets are of products that are comfortable (cotton), look great and are functional.  Plus they must be both easy care and great value for money. 

These attributes bought Brolly Sheets attention beyond the market stall and early ecommerce website.  Brolly Sheets was the David Award’s Most Outstanding Transitional Business in 2010 and is a past winner in the Westpac Business Awards and has also been one of the Deloittes Fastest Growing 50 NZ companies.  

Brolly Sheets has further enhanced its reputation for quality waterproof bedding solutions by adding products for Seniors, people with a disability and pets. 

As a past entrant in the David Awards, Transitional Category she knows what it is like to be on the other side of the judging table.