About Pam



Pam set up her first small business in 2004.  Since then she has experienced many of the challenges that small businesses face.  She has also tasted the success and the satisfaction of working for yourself.

As a “serial connector” herself Pam understands the power of networking and referrals in a small country such as New Zealand.   She is a Director/Consultant for BNI which allows her to help businesses to get the most out of their networking experience.

Pam also has a Health and Wellness business.Pam has experience of entering business awards reaching the finals in the Westpac Enterprise North Shore Marketing awards and the Humour in Business Awards.  She recognises the value of entering the awards even if you don’t win as it gives you a chance to really assess what you have achieved and where your business plans to go next.

Pam contributes to a number of training and networking events for small businesses.  She was also involved in the running of the NZ Small Business Summit.